May 4, 2011

What is a Water Well and how are they constructed?

Gift of the Needy completed the successful construction of four water wells at the end of April 2011 in the Zambezia Province of Mozambique.  Visit to see the gallery of pictures 
Wondering what a water well is or how they are constructed? Read this post here.
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Water well at the Germanmonastery “Kloster Wald”

water well is an excavation or structure created in the ground by digging, driving, boring or drilling to access groundwater in underground aquifers. The well water is drawn by an electric submersible pump, a trash pump, a vertical turbine pump, a handpump or a mechanical pump (e.g. from a water-pumping windmill[1]). It can also be drawn up using containers, such as buckets, that are raised mechanically or by hand.

Wells can vary greatly in depth, water volume and water quality. Well water typically contains more minerals in solution than surface water and may require treatment to soften the water by removing minerals such as arsenic, iron and manganese.

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April 18, 2011

Gift of the Needy helps you to help others

Durban is home to many non-profit organizations and while some have become household names, others have been shortlived.  But, one NPO has been making significant strides in recent years to become a trusted name to those looking for aid, and donors wishing to contribute aid. Who are they?  Gift of the Needy.   


Smartly dressed with a charismatic manner, Gift of the Needy founder Faiaz Magid would look more at home in a corporate environment.  Your perception is soon changed when he starts speaking about his desire to help humanity.

Gift of the Needy has been operational for the past six years but officially registered  as a non profit organization in the last two years.  This, says Magid, has really given momentum to the organization.

“I have a passion to do charity work.  It started back in my home country of Portugal, where my family were active with charity initiatives.  I think that I could say that my brother, in most ways, inspired me to start something greater:  I remember him stopping at old buildings during the early parts of the morning, distributing milk to homeless people”.

Magid then refers to a feeding scheme that he and his brother undertook in Mozambique at a school where the children only had one meal a day.

This first project was the beginning of a series of projects in the region, which today are all successfully managed by Gift of the Needy.

The organisation’s reach in terms of aid distribution and projects extends from South Africa into Southern African countries.   Magid’s professional background in running an export/import company has also allowed him the privilege, he says, of ‘travelling to other parts of the world to see the conditions of needy people and find suitable ways to help them including spending some time with sick and elderly people at hospitals’.

Gift of the Needy focuses on the provision of the following forms of aid :  medication for illnesses,  food parcels, cash – dependent on the circumstance of the needy person, prosthetics for paraplegics, maintenance of widows with children, education at schools, clothing, water wells and building of prayer houses in places that are poor and/or poverty stricken.

But aid for funding such initiatives is not always easy to secure.  Magid says that while God has blessed the organization with the ability to conduct many projects, there is definitely the will to do much more.  He is thankful to the many donors who are always ready to come on board when the call goes out for contributions to the Gift of the Needy.

Future plans are being finalised to increase the number of fund-raising initiatives for the organization, including dinners, family days, auctions and other activities.  The aim of such fund-raising drives says Magid is not only to raise money to help the needy , but to creatively engage young and old people who will begin to develop their understanding and empathy for doing charity work.

The feeding schemes are just one of many current projects on the go presently.  Gift of the Needy are constructing more water wells in Mozambique, where mothers in villages have to walk many kilometers for water. Other projects include the construction of prayer places, caring of widows and paraplegics.

Magid explains that Gift of the Needy’s vision to assist in ensuring the self -sustainability of poor communities has allowed him to take the organization across different spheres of charity work hence the ability to undertake many projects at once.

A timeline of the number of successful projects completed and in progress by Gift of the Needy reads:

2009 – Construction of 10 water wells : Mozambique

Feeding schemes providing meals to approximately 2000 people per day during the Muslim holy month of      Ramadaan

2010 –  Construction of 16 water wells : Mozambique

Feeding schemes providing meals to approximately 3000 people per day during the Muslim holy month of Ramadaan

Monthly hamper distribution to over 200 families

Gift of the Needy is committed to 450 Widows that live in extreme poverty

Breakfast runs for school children in South Africa and Mozambique

Gift of the Needy’s realm of work looks set for steady growth.  Magid explained the new in-roads they’ve made with the marketing for the organization.  Gift of the Needy has recently implemented a social media campaign to create awareness and gain support.  He says, “I think it’s a good way of advertising and reaching many people. Reaching donors also.  Social media marketing is economical, easier, instant and the audience are continually updated on what is happening as long as projects are ongoing and updated”.

The vision for Gift of the Needy?

“The organization must grow in order for us to do more work across the world and everywhere.  We want large scale assistance for aid to create sustainable communities across the globe and continue doing good work”, says Magid.  It is evident that he believes Gift of the Needy will grow into a successful global organization and his successful projects to date are proof of that.

April 14, 2011

Ways to Volunteer for charity while living a hectic lifestyle

March 23, 2011

Message for the Day

Gift of the Needy is now part of the Twitter community – find us – @Giftoftheneedy. It will be great to hear from you! Thinking of talking social and aid issues? Want to volunteer for a particular cause or become a valued donor? Then talk to us and become part of the organisation that aims to help communities become sustainable. – Visit and Like our page to join our community!

March 16, 2011

Welcome to our organisation

Welcome to Gift of the Needy.  It is wonderful to have you here.

Gift of the Needy has been helping communities with aid and support for the        past six years.  The organisation has gained more momentum in the last two  years by registering as an NPO.  Communities around Southern Africa have  benefited from water wells, construction of places of worship, food aid and  business support for young businesses in poor and destitute communities.

Our aim:  Social and Economic upliftment of those in need.
Ongoing Projects for water wells, food aid and business support throughout Southern Africa and other parts of the world.

Man is not on the earth solely for his own happiness. He is there to realize great things for humanity. – Vincent Van Gogh

Get more information on Gift of the Needy and our projects – past, present and planned on our Facebook Page.  Click here and Like it to show your support for humanity.

Many thanks for your support.  It takes one hand to start working for the good of others.

Faiaz Magid

Founder – Gift of the Needy

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